About Rentbuyestate.com

Rentbuyestate.com A/S is a company based in Denmark and is the largest developer of real estate platforms and search engines in Scandinavia and Northern Europe.

Rentbuyestate.com A/S is organised as a corporate group with a number of subsidiaries and is 100 percent owned by Digital Disruption Media A/S, who makes digital disruptive market platforms.

Today, Rentbuyestate.com A/S runs real estate portals in Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany. A number of new countries and markets will follow soon.

Rentbuyestate.com A/S currently has two different concepts that are targeted towards both the housing market and commercial real estate market.

Both concepts are built on a complex connect-buyer-and-seller software, advanced marketing strategies and highly perfected crawling software. The concepts have shown their ability to quickly disrupt and conquer great parts of the market as they are launched in new countries.

The concepts are - over the course of many years - developed and perfected as market platforms with a clear target:

The market platforms must have the ability to make a total digital disruption of existing markets and subsequently rebuild the market around themselves as the leading market platforms within their domain.

Also, the market platforms must have a competitive edge and superiority big enough to quickly conquer significant market shares in new markets.

The market platforms are, in short, built, structured and evolved in analogy to the human brain, i.e. as a "neural" system where all users on a given market can get connected with everyone else on the market in an extremely dynamic way.

If you wish to know more about the philosophy behind our market platforms, our approach to digital disruption and our process with the creation of global platforms, please continue here.

Rentbuyestate.com A/S is in explosive growth with a revenue and a profit of respectively approx. 25 mio. DKK and approx. 10 mio. DKK in 2016. We are expanding intensely - both in internationalization of existing concepts and creation of new concepts - and we therefore expect growth rates in revenue and profit of a minimum of 100 percent annually in the following years. 

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