Profits before tax 7,3 million DKK in 2015

The Denmark-based IT company Rentbuyestate.com A/S produced its figures this week with a turnover of 17,8 million DKK in 2015, representing an increase of approximately 62 percent from 2014. Profits before tax were 7,3 million DKK – an increase of roughly 93 percent compared to 2014.

In 2015, Danske Ejendomsmedier A/S started an international expansion under the name Rentbuyestate.com A/S:

This came about, in part through the launch of our housing portals on the Swedish and Dutch market as www.bostadsdeal.se and www.woningtarget.nl, partly through the fine tuning of the organization to new challenges, and in part through intensive development, optimization and sophistication of the software” says CEO Thomas Barfod, who points out that the concepts have already proven their worth in the new emerging markets.

“Bostadsdeal.se in Sweden has a monthly turnover of over 200.000 Danish kroner already and the portal became a major player in the Swedish market within record time. Eight months later, Woningtarget.nl launched in the Netherlands and although still in beta, the portal received much interest and already generates some sales, so this project is also very promising”, Thomas Barfod adds.

Thomas Barfod expects that Rentbuyestate.com A/S could carry a rapid expansion through organic growth and without any external input of capital:

“In 2016 we will intensify the expansion. We aim to establish commercial real estate portals on the Swedish and Dutch markets, as well as introduce the housing and commercial portals in two to three new markets. In line with this plan, we launched the commercial estate portal www.verksamhetslokaler.se in pre-beta version on the Swedish market this week”, discloses Thomas Barfod.

“We have optimized our software and marketing concepts on a daily basis for many years, so the user experience and efficiency is approaching world class today, combined with making operations as lean as possible. We therefore expect that investments in new portals are recouped relatively quickly and that they raise new growth”, says Thomas Barfod, who projects an increase in turnover and profits of about 100 percent annually, for the next three to four years.

Rentbuyestate.com A/S was founded in 2006 under the name ‘Virksomhedslokaler.dk ApS’ but changed its name to ‘Danske Ejendomsmedier A/S’ in 2013. In 2015, the company renamed itself Rentbuyestate.com A/S, while the brand ‘Danske Ejendomsmedier A/S’ still remains active on the Danish market today.

Profits before tax 7,3 million DKK in 2015

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